Denmark wins second gold medal in second event at Men's European Championships


    2012 MEC Austria

    Jesper Agerbo, Thomas Larsen and Mik Stampe claim Trios title from No. 4 seed

    2012MECLarsenStampeAgerbo.jpgThomas Larsen, Mik Stampe and Jesper Agerbo (pictured left, l-r) of Denmark captured the gold medal in the Men's European Championships Trios event Wednesday evening at Plus Bowling in Vienna, Austria.

    2012MEPalermaaJehkinenJussila.jpgThe Danes, seeded fourth after the six-game preliminaries, defeated No. 3 seed Finland with Osku Palermaa, Joonas Jehkinen and Perttu Jussila (right, l-r), 611-602, in the title match to win the second gold medal for Denmark in as many events. It was also the second gold medal for Larsen and Stampe, who won the gold medal in Doubles two day ago.

    Photos Beat Grauwiler.

    2012MELarsenBollebyEklund.jpgIn the semifinals, the Danes ousted top seeded Sweden with Martin Larsen, Kim Bolleby and Dennis Eklund (left, l-r), 629-617, to advance to the title match.

    2012METeeceQuarryMiller.jpgIn the other semifinal match, Finland eliminated second seeded England with Raymond Teece, Mike Quarry and Matt Miller (right, l-r), 641-583. Finland received the silver medal while Sweden and England shared the bronze medal.

    Action shifts to the Team preliminaries on Thursday and Friday, which also decides the medals in All Events and the players for the Masters match play. The medal round of four in the Team event will take place on Friday, Aug. 24 starting at 7 p,m. CEST.

    2012MECLogo2.jpg The 5th Men's European Championships will be held from Aug. 16-26, 2012 at Plus Bowling in Vienna, Austria. 204 players from 34 countries will bowl for gold, silver and bronze medals in Doubles, Trios, Teams, All Events (24-game total) and Masters.

    Preliminaries in Doubles will feature 12 games, in Trios and the five-player Team event six games, with the top 4 teams advancing to the playoffs. No. 1 will bowl No. 4 and No. 3 will bowl No. 2 in the semifinals. The winners will bowl for the title while the losers share the bronze medal. All matches were single-game matches.

    The top 24 players in All Events will advance to the Masters finals in best-of-three games single-elimination match play, which will conclude the championships on Saturday, Aug. 25. The championships features two oil conditioning pattern, number 1 is the medium pattern (38') and number two is the long pattern (44').
    Kegel LaneMap™ Guide Plus Bowling in Vienna, Austria - Aug. 15, 2012 (PDF file, 1.5 MB)

    The MEC also serves as qualifying event for the 2013 Combined World Championships which will be held from Aug. 18-31 at Sunset Station's Strike Zone bowling center in Henderson, Nev. in suburban Las Vegas, United States.

    Each country receives ranking points in each discipline according to a system decided by the European Tenpin Bowling Federation Congress in 2011. The top 15 countries qualify for the 2013 Combined World Championships.


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    Men's European Championships Past Champions
    34 countries to participate in the fifth Men's European Championships in Austria
    2011 MEC in Unterföhring, Germany
    2009 MEC in Aalborg, Denmark
    2007 MEC in Vienna, Austria
    2005 MEC in Moscow, Russia


    2012 Men's European Championships - Trios Finals

    Championship Round:
    1. Denmark (Jesper Agerbo, Thomas Larsen, Mik Stampe)
    2. Finland (Joonas Jehkinen, Perttu Jussila, Osku Palermaa)
    3. Sweden (Kim Bolleby, Dennis Eklund, Martin Larsen) and
    England (Matt Miller, Mike Quarry, Raymond Teece)

    Playoff Results:
    Semifinal Match 1:
    No. 4 Denmark (Jesper Agerbo 202, Thomas Larsen 193, Mik Stampe 234) def.
    No. 1 Sweden (Kim Bolleby 200, Dennis Eklund 205, Martin Larsen 212), 629-617
    Semifinal Match 2:
    No. 3 Finland (Joonas Jehkinen 244, Perttu Jussila 213, Osku Palermaa 184) def.
    No. 2 England (Matt Miller 182, Mike Quarry 194, Raymond Teece 207), 641-583
    No. 4 Denmark (Jesper Agerbo 187, Thomas Larsen 220, Mik Stampe 204) def.
    No. 3 Finland (Joonas Jehkinen 175, Perttu Jussila 196, Osku Palermaa 231), 611-602.


    Men's European Championships - Trios Champions

    2012 Denmark (Jesper Agerbo, Thomas Larsen, Mik Stampe)
    2011 Norway (Svein Ake Ek, Glenn Morten Pedersen, Björn Einar Rudshagen)
    2009 Sweden (Dennis Eklund, Mathias Ă…rup, Erik Andersin)
    2007 Finland (Kimmo Lehtonen, Jari Ratia, Joonas Jehkinen)
    2005 Finland (Kimmo Lehtonen, Petteri Salonen, Lasse Lintilä)