13th CGSE World Youth Championships in Hong Kong comes to an end


    2014 WYC Hong Kong

    Under-21 youth bowlers to be invited to compete in the 14th World Youth Championships in Lincoln, Neb., USA, in July 2016

    2014WYCLogo.jpg 2014WorldBowlingLogo.jpg Hong Kong was the center of the bowling world August 6-15, when the best Under-21 bowlers in the sport competed in the 13th World Youth Championships at South China Athletic Association (SCAA) Bowling Center.

    The 10-day event presented by The Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society (CGSE) concluded Friday evening, August 15, with a victory banquet at the Panda Hotel in Hong Kong, China.

    262 players, 96 girls and 166 boys, from 46 World Bowling member federations participated in the biennial event and bowled for 10 gold, 10 silver and 18 bronze medals in Singles, Doubles, Team of Four, All-Events and Masters.

    The Championships were contested on the 35 feet 'short' Beijing and the 45 feet 'long' Mexico City lane conditioning pattern.

    2014KegelLaneMapLogo_small.jpg Download the LaneMap Guide to get all information on the South China Athletic Association Bowling Center.

    Singles and the second block of the team event was played on Beijing, Doubles and the first block of the Team event on Mexico City, while the Masters competition featured dual lane condition (left lane long, right lane short oil).

    For the second time after 1996, the World Youth Championships were given to Hong Kong.

    History of the World Youth Championships:
    2014 Hong Kong, China, SCAA bowling center, August 6-15, 2014
    2012 Bangkok, Thailand, Blu-O Paragon Bowling Center, June 22 - July 3, 2012
    2010 Helsinki, Finland, Tali Bowl, July 23-Aug., 2, 2010
    2008 Orlando, United States, Boardwalk Bowl, July 18-26, 2008
    2006 Berlin, Germany, bowling center Schillerpark, July 22-29, 2006
    2004 Tamuning, Guam, Central Lanes, Aug., 1-7, 2004
    2002 Pattaya, Thailand, P.S. Bowl, Aug. 4-11, 2002
    2000 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Sebelen Bowling Center, Oct., 28-Nov. 4, 2000
    1998 Inchon City, Korea, Dae Dong World Bowl, Aug. 8-16, 1998
    1996 Hong Kong, S.C.A.A. Bowling Centre, Aug., 1-12, 1996
    1994 Monterrey, Mexico, Bolitec Bowling Center, Aug. 7-13, 1994
    1992 Caracas, Venezuela, Mampote National Bowling Center, Sept. 7-13, 1992
    1990 Manila, Philippines, SM North Bowling Center, July 28-Aug. 4, 1990
    International Youth Championships (predecessor)
    1988 Manila, Philippines, Green Valley Club Bowling Lanes, July 1-7, 1988.




    2014WYCGirlsTeamGoldJapan.jpg2014WYBoysTeamGoldUSA.jpg12 of the 46 participating countries and regions medaled at this Championships with the girls from Japan (pictured left) and the U.S. boys (right) leading their respective divisions.

    Mirai Ishimoto, Shion Izumune, Kana Shimoide and Mana Yoshida of Japan earned medals in each discipline including three gold medals (Team, All-Events and Masters) and two silver and one bronze (Singles, Doubles).

    Yang Su Jin of Korea won the gold medal in Singles while Sarah Lokker & Liz Kuhlkin of the United States emerged as World Youth Champions in Doubles.

    Junior Team USA's Matthew Farber, Gregory Young, Kamron Doyle and Wesley Low led the boys medal tally with two gold, four silver and two bronze medals including the titles in the Team event and in All-Events.

    Sweden also took two gold medals in the boys' division. Markus Jansson & Pontus Andersson won the title in Doubles and Jesper Svensson claimed gold in Masters. Korea's Choi Woo Sub captured the Singles title.

    By leading the overall medal tally of the 13th CGSE World Youth Championships with three gold, five silver and four bronze medals, the United States overtook Korea to lead the all-time WYC medal tally. Both countries have won 25 gold medals but the USA have 38 silver and 18 bronze to Korea's 16 silver and 27 bronze.

    13th World Youth Championships 2014 - Boys and Girls Medalists
    SCAA Bowling Center in Hong Kong, China (August 6-15, 2014)

    Girls Singles
    1. Yang Su Jin, Korea
    2. Shion Izumune, Japan
    3. Kana Shimoide, Japan, and
    (tie) Jenny Wegner, Sweden

    Boys Singles
    1. Choi Woo Sub, Korea
    2. Wesley Low, United States
    3. Michael Mak, Hong Kong, and
    (tie) Jesper Svensson, Sweden

    Girls Doubles
    1. United States (Sarah Lokker, Liz Kuhlkin) 2. Japan (Shion Izumune, Kana Shimoide) 3. Indonesia (Nadia Pramanik, Alisha Nabila) and
    (tie) Colombia (Tatiana Munoz, Laura Plazas)

    Boys Doubles
    1. Sweden (Markus Jansson, Pontus Andersson)
    2. United States (Matthew Farber, Kamron Doyle)
    3. United States (Gregory Young, Wesley Low) and
    (tie) Mexico (Enrique Kassian, Andre Fors)

    Girls Team event
    1. Japan (Mirai Ishimoto, Mana Yoshida, Shion Izumune, Kana Shimoide)
    2. Sweden (Ida Andersson, Annie Thorell, Cajsa Wegner, Jenny Wegner)
    3. United States (Mary Wells, Stephanie Schwartz, Sarah Lokker, Lizabeth Kuhlkin) and
    (tie) Finland (Eliisa Hiltunen, Roosa Lundén, Jonna Jokinen, Sanna Pasanen)

    Boys Team event
    1. United States (Matt Farber, Gregory Young, Kamron Doyle, Wesley Low)
    2. Malaysia (Muhd Rafiq Ismail, Timmy Tan, Jonathan Ding Sagan, Ahmad Muaz Fishol)
    3. England (Curtis Hooper, Matthew Clayton, Christopher Lam, Elliot Crosby) and
    (tie) Japan (Tetsuya Chiba, Yuhi Shinbata, Takuya Miyazawa, Kenta Yoshida)

    Girls All-Events
    1. Shion Izumune, Japan
    2. Mary Wells, United States
    3. Lizabeth Kuhlkin, United States

    Boys All-Events
    1. Wesley Low, United States
    2. Kamron Doyle, United States
    3. Jesper Svensson, Sweden

    Girls Masters
    1. Mirai Ishimoto, Japan
    2. Sanna Pasanen, Finland
    3. Jenny Wegner, Sweden, and
    (tie) Daria Kovalova, Ukraine

    Boys Masters
    1. Jesper Svensson, Sweden
    2. Wesley Low, United States
    3. Kamron Doyle, United States, and
    (tie) Pontus Andersson, Sweden.


    2014WYCAllEventsShionIzumune.jpg2014WYCAllEventsWesleyLow.jpg15-year-old Shion Izumune of Japan and 17-year-old Wesley Low, United States, were the MVPs of the 13th CGSE World Youth Championships.

    Shion (left), who could bowl in the next three World Youth Championships, earned medals in four out of five disciplines (all but Masters) to lead the girls division with two gold and two silver medals. The only other multiple gold medalist was her teammate, 16-year-old Masters champion Mirai Ishimoto.

    Low (right) medaled in all five disciplines and took home 2 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze medal. His teammate, 16-year-old Kamron Doyle, who failed to medal in Singles only, was next with 1 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze.




    Four WYC scoring records were tied or broken during the Championships. Wesley Low posted the fifth 300 game in WYC history and the fourth by a boy on his way to win the All-Events title with record 4224 18-game total and an average of 234.67.

    2014WYCMastersBoysGoldJesperSvensson2.jpg2014WYCMastersGirlsGoldMiraiIshimoto2.jpgLow and his teammates Farber, Young and Doyle also improved the 3-game record in the Team event by 37 pins to 2795 (232.92 average). Doubles champions Andersson (264) & Jansson (268) rolled the highest game ever in Doubles with 532 to break the previous record set by Kim Bolleby & Magnus Johnson in 2012 by just one pin.

    Under the new rules eventual Masters champions Svensson (left) and Ishimoto (right) set new benchmarks for 31 games including bonus with 7031 and 6486, respectively.


    WYC records after 2014 - pending verification by World Bowling


    The 14th World Youth Championships will be held from July 15-24, 2016, in Lincoln, Neb., United States.

    In cooperation with the Asian Bowling Federation (ABF) and the Hong Kong Tenpin Bowling Congress, Bowlingdigital.com covered the Championships live from Hong Kong.

    2014BowlTVLogo_small.jpg The United States Bowling Congress, in cooperation with the host federation, the Hong Kong Tenpin Bowling Congress, provided live streaming on BowlTV.

    This World Youth Championships was made possible by title sponsor, The Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society World, and co-sponsors Chancellor Precious Metals, Fine Metal Asia Limited, Glory Sky and Safe Gold Bullion Limited as well as Watsons Water and Mr. Juicy, the Official Drink Sponsor of the event.



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