Fiona Banks wins her second gold medal at the Women's European Championships in All Events


    2006 WEC

    Dream-Bowl in Böblingen, Germany (Aug. 24 - Sept. 3, 2006)

    2006WECAllEventsTop3.jpg England's Fiona Banks cruised to victory in All Events to capture her second gold medal at the Women's European Championships after winning in the Trios event.

    Banks posted six-game series of 1214, 1422 (both in Doubles) 1473 (Trios) and 1334 (Team) to set a new record for European Championships with a combined total of 5443, an average of 226,79. Banks outaveraged her nearest competitor by more than six pins.

    Doubles champion Mai Ginge Jensen, Denmark, was 161 pins behind in second place with 5282 (220,08). Patricia Schwarz, Germany, who shot the sole 300-game of the tournament earned the bronze medal with 5261 (219,21).

    The top 24 out of 118 players from 22 countries advanced to the single-elimination match play Masters finals. Jaana Strömberg, Finland, hit the cutoff number with 4859 (202,46)

    The picture shows the top three players with their coaches. L-R Christer Backe, Mai Ginge Jensen, Fiona Banks, Andy Penny, Patricia Schwarz and Michael Wouters. Courtesy of Eric Hayton.