Gold instead of nothing; Netherlands wins the title in Team event from 4th place


    2006 WEC

    Dream-Bowl in Böblingen, Germany (Aug. 24 - Sept. 3, 2006)

    2006WECTeamTop4.jpg In the 44-year history of the European Championships every team that has ended up with the championship record became the European champion.

    Not this time as the Swedish ladies, who shot a record 6371 six-game total on short and long oil condition, a 212,37 average, were eliminated in a newly contested semifinal by the Dutch team and had to settle for the bronze medal. Picture courtesy of Eric Hayton.

    Starting with the 2006 Women's European Championships in Böblingen, Germany, the Doubles, Trios and Team champion is decided in a one-game shootout of the top four teams and the regular six-game team event is nothing but the qualifier.

    2006WECTeamNetherlands.jpg The 'Meisjes' (pictured with coaches Ton Plummen and Harbert van der Wal), who made the cut in fourth position, turned nothing into gold as they went on to defeat No. 3 seed Finland, 1019-986, in the title match to capture the gold medal. The Finns, who ousted second-seeded Denmark in the other semi-final, earned the silver medal. The Danes shared the bronze medal with the Swedes. Picture provide by Jack Edelaar courtesy of NBF.


    2006 Women's European Championships - Team event

    Championship Round:
    1. Netherlands (Marieke de Jong,, Wendy Kok, Wendy van der List, Ghislaine van der Tol, Priscilla Maaswinkel, Jolanda Visser)
    2. Finland (Reija Lunden, Mari Santonen, Jaana Stromberg, Minna Mäkelä, Piritta Kantola, Tiia Einola)
    3. Sweden (Nina Flack, Christel Carlsson, Malin Glendert, Anna Mattsson-Baard, Helen Johnsson, Diana Alfredsson)
    (tie) Denmark (Britt Bröndsted, Anja Ginge Jensen, Rikke Holm Rasmussen, Mai Ginge Jensen, Kamilla Kjeldsen, Anne Gales)

    Playoff Results:
    Semi-final #1 (on long oil)
    #4 Netherlands (Marieke de Jong 209, Wendy Kok 209, Wendy van der List 214, Ghislaine van der Tol 208, Priscilla Maaswinkel 163)
    #1 Sweden (Nina Flack 188, Christel Carlsson 192, Malin Glendert 209, Anna Mattsson-Baard 189, Helen Johnsson 181)

    Semi-final #1 (on short oil)
    #3 Finland (Reija Lunden 166, Mari Santonen 191, Jaana Stromberg 185, Minna Mäkelä 201, Piritta Kantola 192)
    Denmark (Britt Bröndsted 223, Anja Ginge Jensen 155, Rikke Holm Rasmussen 147, Mai Ginge Jensen 172, Kamilla Kjeldsen 190)

    Championship Match: (on long oil)
    #2 Netherlands (Marieke de Jong 169, Wendy Kok 190, Wendy van der List 209, Ghislaine van der Tol 260, Priscilla Maaswinkel 191)
    defeated Finland (Reija Lunden 207, Mari Santonen 162, Jaana Stromberg 212, Minna Makela 203, Piritta Kantola 202)

    Sweden set the pace in Team event at halftime in Women's European Championships


    2006WECLogo.jpg Team Sweden with Nina Flack, Christel Carlsson, Malin Glendert, Anna Mattsson-Baard and Helen Johnsson set the pace in the five-player Team event in the Women's European Championships after three games on short oil. Led by Carlsson (683) and Johnsson (679) the five-some averaged 213,87 and felled 3208 pins to hold a slim 14-pin lead over the Netherlands.

    Dutch Marieke de Jong, Jolanda Visser, Wendy van der List, Ghislaine van der Tol and Priscilla Maaswinkel totaled 3194, an average of 212,93. De Jong and Maaswinkel led the way with 709 each.

    Targeting for the third fourth medal in the third event are Britt Bröndsted, Rikke Holm Rasmussen, Anja Ginge Jensen, Mai Ginge Jensen and Kamilla Kjeldsen. The Danes were just 29 pins behind the Netherlands in third position with 3165 (211,00).

    Mere one pin behind the Danes was the Belgian team with Christine van Boom, Yolanda van Regenmortel, Carolin Witvrouwen, Catherine Durieux and Kirsten Horemans at 3164 (210,93).

    The top four after another three-game block, this time on the long oil pattern, will bowl for the medals in a one-game semi-final and final on Friday afternoon.