Consistency earns Swedish boys gold medal in Doubles at European Youth Championships


    2008 EYC

    Eimla and Farenski achieve perfection

    2008EYCKarlssonHagelberg.jpg Consistency was the key for the Swedish success in the Boys Doubles in the 21st European Youth Championships at Tali Bowl in Helsinki, Finland. Joachim Karlsson and Kristoffer Hagelberg (pictured left) had six-game series of 1320 (220.00) and 1334 (222.33) en route to win the gold medal with 2654 pinfall total and an average of 221.17.

    Photo: Ari Komulainen.

    The Swedes had 3-game team series of 1337 and 1317 to beat Danes Kasper Walther and Thomas Larsen by 9 pins and Juuso Huhtiranta and Riku-Petteri Kivelä by 14 pins.

    Walther/Larsen received the silver medal with 2645 (220.42), while Huhtiranta/Kivelä settled for the bronze medal, the first medal for the host country in this year's EYC.

    The second Danish duo, Paul Hutchinson and Mik Stampe, was another four pins behind to finish fourth with 2637 (219.75). Nati Volpert and Ron Berlov were the best duo of defending champion Israel in 22nd place with 2427 (202.25).

    The event was highlighted by two 300 games by Mihkel Eimla, Estonia (11th) and Tim Farenski, Germany (29th). Swede Tobias Karlsson was the first youth bowler in Europe, who achieved perfection during the European Youth Championships in 1994, also at Tali Bowling in Helsinki.

    Bronze medalist Riku-Petteri Kivelä broke the two oldest individual records for three and six games with 759 (253.00) and 1396 (232.67). The previous high scores were set by Swede Ulf Hämnäs 24 years ago (1984).

    8th placed Michael di Giorno and Bas Bosman, Netherlands, set a new championship record for three team games when they closed out their series with games of 487, 445 and 480 for 1412 3-game total (235.33).

    Boys Results

    Individual High Scores
    1 Game: Mihkel Eimla, Estonia; Tim Farenski, Germany - 300 Championship Record
    3 Games: Riku-Petteri Kivelä, Finland - 759 (253.00) Championship Record
    6 Games: Riku-Petteri Kivelä, Finland - 1396 (232.67) Championship Record

    Doubles High Scores
    1 Game: Michele Fulvo/Andrea Spadavecchia, Italy - 507 (253.50)
    3 Games: Michael Di Giorno/Bas Bosman, Netherlands - 1412 (235.33) Championship Record
    6 Games: Joachim Karlsson/Kristoffer Hagelberg, Sweden - 2654 (221.17)