Second gold medal for Swedish Girls in Team event at European Youth Championships


    2010 EYC

    Beat England in a re-match of the Doubles finals

    2010EYCLogo.jpg European Youth Championships Girls Doubles champions Elin Adolfsson and Jenny Wegner teamed with Ida Andersson and Josefine Linderoth to win the second gold medal for Sweden in the Girls 4-player Team event Thursday at Plaza Bowling in St. Maximin, France.

    The four Swedes, seeded third in the one-game single-elimination finals after averaging 194.50 in the six-game preliminaries, defeated No. 4 England with Autum Chamberlain, Anneleise Vokes, Rebekah Hamlett and Kirsten Macgregor in a high-scoring rematch of the Doubles final, 826-811.

    Adolfsson (233) and Wegner (223) carried their team while Hamlett (227) and Chamberlain (220) led the Brits. It was the second silver medal for England and Chamberlain/Macgregor, who had also silver in Doubles.

    Like in the Doubles semi-final, the Swedes eliminated second seeded Russian Doubles bronze medalists Kristina Ushakova and Alena Korobkova and their team mates Daria Voronkova and Kristina Kryl, 838-720.

    In the other semi-final, the English girls upset qualifying leader Germany with Belinda Lupa, Lisa Tenscher, Nadine Motzer and Sandra Matz, who were the sole team in the preliminaries with a 200-plus average (202.96), 772-694.

    Russia and Germany shared the bronze medal.


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    23rd European Youth Championships - Girls Team Finals

    Plaza Bowling in St. Maximin, France (April 1, 2010)

    Championship Round:
    1. Sweden (Ida Andersson, Josefine Linderoth, Jenny Wegner, Elin Adolfsson)
    2. England (Autum Chamberlain, Anneleise Vokes, Rebekah Hamlett, Kirsten Macgregor)
    3. Germany (Belinda Lupa, Lisa Tenscher, Nadine Motzer, Sandra Matz)
    (tie) Russia (Daria Voronkova, Kristina Ushakova, Kristina Kryl, Alena Korobkova)

    Playoff Results:
    Semifinal Match 1:
    No. 4 England (Chamberlain 178, Vokes 226, Hamlett 190, Macgregor 178) def.
    No. 1 Germany (Lupa 161, Tenscher 151, Motzer 211, Matz 171), 772-694

    Semifinal Match 2:
    No. 3 Sweden (Andersson 190, Linderoth 193, Wegner 236, Adolfsson 219) def.
    No. 2 Russia (Voronkova 169, Ushakova 163, Kryl 172, Korobkova 216), 838-720

    Championship Match:
    No. 3 Sweden (Andersson 167, Linderoth 203, Wegner 223, Adolfsson 233) def.
    No. 4 England (Chamberlain 220, Vokes 159, Hamlett 227, Macgregor 205), 826-811.

    Girls Team Preliminaries (pdf file)