Worldwide interest in World Bowling Championships demonstrates universality


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    15 potential hosts have expressed interest in organizing the 2013 event

    WTBALogo_small.jpgThe World Tenpin Bowling Association has announced that the bidding process for the WTBA World Championships in 2013 has so far attracted interest from more than 15 potential hosts from across the five continents.

    With almost two months to go before the October first bid submission deadline, the number and geographical diversity of potential hosts that have expressed interest in organizing the event has been impressive and reflects the universality of the sport.

    Having 2,800,000 registered bowlers spread across 113 member federations and a further estimated 175 million recreational bowlers around the world, it is not surprising that WTBA's reformatted World Championships in 2013 has been received with such enthusiasm.

    2009WWCOCKevinDornberger.jpgThe WTBA, in cooperation with TSE Consulting, had recently taken the initiative to modernize the World Bowling Championship concept to make it more attractive for potential hosts, athletes and spectators.

    A key decision taken by WTBA during this process was to enable a much larger proportion of its member countries the opportunity to host the World Championships by reducing the minimum lane requirement for World Championship venues.

    "We are thrilled to see that our efforts to continually raise the standards of our World Championships while making it accessible to our worldwide membership have generated such enthusiastic response from all five continents," WTBA President Kevin Dornberger (pictured right), United States, said.

    "This is vital for Bowling's continual development as a global sport and drive towards Olympic inclusion."

    The election of the host for the 2013 World Bowling Championships will take place this December 1-2 in Lausanne, Switzerland.


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