Sweden sweeps Team gold 23rd European Youth Championships in France


    2010 EYC

    Swedish Boys beat Greece for Sweden's third gold medal of the Championships

    Sweden captured the third gold medal out of four events thus far at the 23rd European Youth Championships when Marcus Henriksson, Markus Jansson, Daniel Fransson and Magnus Johnson defeated Greece in the title match of the Boys 4-player Team event, 795-735.

    Antonios Zafras and Vasileios Stefopoulos, who won silver in Doubles, and their team mates Thomas Sellas and Dimitrios Fragkakis earned the silver medal.

    The Swedes led the six-game preliminaries with 5025 pinfall total and an average of 209.38 and were followed by Greece (4944), Finland (4879) and England (4878).

    In the semi-final, Johnson led his team with a huge 278 game to an 891-806 victory over England's Matthew Fidgett, Jake Daggett, Michael Nock and Matthew Blythe.

    No. 2 seed Greece and No. 3 Finland with Niko Kurppa, Joonas Maunula, Miro Pikkarainen and Jesse Kallio battled in out in the other semi-final for the right to bowl Sweden for the title. It was Greece by a whisker as the match ended, 730-729.

    Finland and England shared the bronze medal.


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    23rd European Youth Championships - Boys Team Finals

    Plaza Bowling in St. Maximin, France (April 1, 2010)

    Championship Round:
    1. Sweden (Marcus Henriksson, Markus Jansson, Daniel Fransson, Magnus Johnson)
    2. Greece (Vasileios Stefopoulos, Thomas Sellas, Dimitrios Fragkakis, Antonios Zafras)
    3. Finland (Niko Kurppa, Joonas Maunula, Miro Pikkarainen, Jesse Kallio)
    (tie) England (Matthew Fidgett, Jake Daggett, Michael Nock, Matthew Blythe)

    Playoff Results:
    Semifinal Match 1:
    No. 1 Sweden (Henriksson 188, Jansson 237, Fransson 188, Johnson 278) def.
    No. 4 England (Fidgett 176, Daggett 191, Nock 195, Blythe 244), 891-806

    Semifinal Match 2:
    No. 2 Greece (Stefopoulos 172, Sellas 184, Fragkakis 155, Zafras 219)
    No. 3 Finland (Kurppa 187, Maunula 153, Pikkarainen 226, Kallio 163), 730-729<

    Championship Match:
    No. 1 Sweden (Henriksson 207, Jansson 206, Fransson 200, Johnson 182) def.
    No. 2 Greece (Stefopoulos 178, Sellas 171, Fragkakis 169, Zafras 217), 795-735

    Boys Team Preliminaries (pdf file)