Business as usual at the 46th QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup


    2010 BWC

    Competition continues as QubicaAMF CEO John Walker declares "the place is safe"

    2010BWCLogo2.jpg On Tuesday evening at 7.15pm CET, John Walker, CEO of QubicaAMF Worldwide made an announcement at the players' hotel "Lou Pigno" in regard to the construction problems at Bowling de Provence in Toulon, France, host center of the 46th QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup.

    Walker said that the biggest concern of his company would be the safety of the players but he could confirm that the place would be safe and would note a lot of changes. Therefore, the World Cup will continue on Wednesday after one men's squad and both women's squads had been cancelled today.

    However, due to the cancellation on Tuesday and the fact that only lanes 1-28 can be used for the rest of the tournament, the schedule had to be adjusted. To the surprise of the players and the coaches, the 20-game preliminaries will be reduced to 16 games instead of 15 as announced earlier this afternoon. In addition, the men's squads will feature four players per lane pair instead of three as previously planned.

    The women will start on Wednesday but will bowl six games instead of five. Men Squad B will bowl 5 games on Wednesday evening to level the 10 games bowled by Men Squad B, who were able to finish their second block before the structural problems were discovered.

    Qualifying ends on "a long" Thursday with six games for both men's squads and five games for both women's squads. The top 24 men and the top 24 women after 16 games will advance to the intermediate round on Friday. The top 24 players bowl another 8 games with the pinfall total from the preliminaries being carried forward.

    The top 8 men and the top 8 women after 24 games will bowl a further 7 games round robin match play plus 1 game position round total 8 games) with 30 pins bonus per win and 15 for a tie. The top 3 men and the top 3 women after 36 games including bonus pins will determine the champions in a stepladder final in best-of-three games format on Saturday Oct. 23.

    Walker finished the announcement, which was also translated into Spanish and French, with the note that the hotel bar was now open on QubicaAMF.

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