Paeng concludes three-day USBC Silver Level Seminar in Hong Kong

Eleven coaches from Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Japan certified

201107HKGSilverClinic1_small.jpgUnited States Bowling Congress coach-instructor and International Ambassador for Bowling, Rafael "Paeng" Nepomuceno, Philippines, certified eleven new USBC Silver Level coaches during a seminar held July 6-9 at state-of-the-art Hong Kong Bowling City in Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong, site of the 2011 World Women's Championships. Fresh off his 123rd career title and his record 8th win in the Philippine Open last month, Paeng trained coaches from Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Japan.



USBC Gold coach Mitsingas holds 1st Ebonite Powerhouse Clinic in Berlin

201002EPHCCostasMitsingas2_small.jpgUSBC Gold coach Costas Mitsingas (pictured with a student) of Nicosia, Cyprus, has organized the first Ebonite Powerhouse Clinic at Bowl Arena Spandau, a 20-laner in Berlin, Germany from Feb. 14-21, 2011. 20 students including four youth bowlers from 14-17 years of age rgot eight hours of instruction over two days including three hours individual coaching by Mitsingas, who was assisted by multiple German champions Bodo Konieczny, Marco Baade and Sven Riegel.



Kegel Training Center continues to prepare bowlers for success on the international stage

KTCLogo2_small.jpgKTCLanes_small.jpgSince 1997 more than 10,000 individuals, 500 professionals and 50 national teams have chosen the Kegel Training Center at the Kegel headquarters in Lake Wales, Florida to advance their game as well as to prepare for major events. In the past year, the Training Center coaching staff has helped bowlers in Asia, Europe and the Americas win medals and trophies in important competitions.



National teams find success after training at ITRC

20100924ITRCDominicanRepublic_small.jpgBefore finding unprecedented success at major international events this summer, several teams spent quality time training at the International Training and Research Center. Teams from the Dominican Republic and Singapore found success in major events after training at the ITRC, located at the International Bowling Campus in Arlington. The ITRC is a joint venture of the United States Bowling Congress and the Bowling Proprietors Association of America.



The "Typical House Bowler" returns to Sport Bowling by Gianmarc Manzione

Confessions of a Typical House Bowler Part III

THBGianmarcManzione3_small.jpg First, the good news: While I did not bowl a single 200 game my entire 17 weeks in the sport league I bowled before working with USBC Silver coach and five-time PBA titlist Bob Learn Jr., it took me just two games this time around. In my first night of sport-league bowling since working with Bob, I shot a 213 in game two. After 17 straight weeks of failing to shoot 200 on sport shots, that 213 felt a bit like I had just struck oil while digging in my own front lawn. Now for the bad news: I still have a lot of work to do.

USBC Collegiate


NCAA coaches hold inaugural forum at ITRC in Arlington

NCAALogo_small.jpgCoaches from 25 National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) bowling programs visited the International Training and Research Center over the weekend to learn from Team USA coaches how to improve player performance. The inaugural National Tenpin Coaches Association NCAA Coaches Forum brought together 33 head coaches and assistant coaches from across the country. Training included equipment analysis and management, lane maintenance pattern analysis and competition management.

Industry News


Kegel Training Center Europe NL opens doors in Dolfijn Bowling Tilburg

2010MWCKegelLogo_small.jpgThe Kegel Training Center and Dolfijn Bowling in Tilburg, Netherlands, have announced the Grand Opening of Kegel Training Center Europe NL. This new facility is located inside Dolfijn Bowlingcentrum, in Tilburg, Netherlands. The new training center will feature the latest in bowling coaching tools such as Dartfish video software with HD cameras and 4 lanes of Computer Aided Tracking System or (C.A.T.S.).

USBC Coaching


Nepomuceno trains coaches at Tri Level Seminar in Singapore

20100801PaengSINSeminar2_small.jpgPaeng Nepomuceno (pictured right), a USBC coach and International Ambassador for Bowling, recently concluded a Tri Level USBC Coaching conference in Singapore. Nepomuceno held the coaching conference at the Singapore Chevrons Bowling Center from July 30 to Aug. 1. It was the first time, due to schedule constraints, that Nepomuceno did the seminars back-to-back, doing both Level 1 and Bronze Level and Silver Level Seminars on the same three days.



The 10th Annual Pro Image Bowling Camp By Joan Taylor

ColumnistJoanTaylor_small.jpgAugust 1st was the last day of the tenth annual Pro Image Bowling Camp, or as I call it "Bowling Boot Camp" here at Rockaway Lanes in New Jersey. This year there were 48 students, spanning ages 12 to 72, who came from Delaware, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and even Texas. There were five females and 43 males, three lefthanders and 45 right-handers. Of the 48, 28 or more than half were there for their first time. Eleven were there for their second, six for their third, one for a fourth, one for a fifth, and me for my tenth.



The "Typical House Bowler" gets a coach by Gianmarc Manzione

Confessions of a Typical House Bowler Part II

THBGianmarcManzione2_small.jpgIf you read my previous story on breaking free of the house condition mindset, you know me now as the hack who tried his luck on Sport Bowling patterns after 20 years in the delusional wilderness of house-shot leagues. But it was not enough for me to confirm the pro shop banter I'd heard about how ignorant the typical house bowler tends to be of the chasm between "recreational" and "competitive" bowling. I wanted to know why. For answers, I turned to USBC Silver coach and five-time PBA titlist Bob Learn Jr.

USBC Coaching


USBC Coaching to implement re-certification, continuing education programs for coaches

USBCCoachingLogo.jpgUSBC Coaching will launch a new program early next year to re-certify coaches and also will begin a requisite continuing education program to keep bowling coaches up to date on the latest technology and coaching techniques. The program will require USBC Gold, Silver and Bronze coaches who were certified prior to Jan. 1, 2006 to take an online certification test by Aug. 1, 2011 to maintain their status. Level I coaches do not have to be re-certified.

Hong Kong


Nepomuceno holds International Seminar in Hong Kong

Trains coaches from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau at Meifoo Bowling World

20100712PaengsHKGSeminar_small.jpg4-time Bowling World Cup champion Paeng Nepomuceno (second from right) of the Philippines has finished a Level One and Bronze coaching seminar in Hong Kong from July 7-9. The Philippine bowling legend, who teamed up with the United States Bowling Congress to promote the sport around the world, held his seminar at Meifoo Bowling World. Paeng, who has won more than 100 international titles in his illustrious career, worked together with coaches from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

USBC Coaching


USBC brings Bronze coaching certification course to Italy


The USBC furthered its partnership with the Italian Sport Bowling Federation (FISB) this month when 40 coaches attended bronze-level coaching certification courses in the cities of Asti, Bologna and Rome. The courses were open to competitive bowlers looking to broaden their knowledge of the sport as well as Italian bowling instructors and FISB members wishing to earn Bronze-level certification. USBC Director of International Relations Bill Hoffman teamed with USBC Gold coach Frank Buffa (pictured left with a student) on the trip.



Paeng Nepomuceno holds Level One and Bronze certification seminar in Indonesia

Fauzi Bowo, Governor of Jakarta, visits the seminar to talk to the coaches

201006PaengsJakartaSeminar_small.jpgUSBC bowling ambassador, Paeng Nepomuceno (center) of the Philippines, conducted a 4-day Level One and Bronze certification seminar in Jakarta, Indonesia. The seminar was held in the government-owned Jakarta Bowling center in cooperation with the Indonesian Olympic Committee and was organized by Isra Tahir who is the chairman of the Indonesian Bowling Federation, Jakarta chapter. Fauzi Bowo, the Governor of Jakarta, took his time to visit the seminar and to talk to the coaches.



Breaking free from the house condition mindset By Gianmarc Manzione

Confessions of a Typical House Bowler Part I

GianmarcManzione_small.jpgA bowler can come to harbor many delusions over the course of 20 years in house shot leagues, but few compare to the delusion that I myself once entertained as a member of the same league as the great Bo Burton at Stuart Lanes in Stuart, Fla. in the 2004-2005 season. There, as I watched Bo rack up one 700 series after another and, on occasion, an 800 series, I almost believed that the discrepancy between the 214 average I myself recorded there and the 235 average that Burton maintained was merely a matter of 20 pins or so.

USBC Coaching


John Jowdy elected newest member of Bowling Coaches Hall of Fame

Joe Kristof and Jeanette Robinson make Trailblazers list

BWAAJohnJowdy_small.jpgLongtime bowling coach, writer and industry advocate John Jowdy has been selected as the 2010 inductee into the Bowling Coaches Hall of Fame in recognition of his superior coaching contributions to the sport. The Bowling Coaches Hall of Fame committee, reviewed nearly a dozen nominations and supporting documents before selecting Jowdy on the first ballot. The Bowling Coaches Hall of Fame has a presence in the new International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame located at the International Bowling Campus in Arlington, Texas.

USBC Coaching


French coach Eric Courault visits International Training and Research Center

201004ITRCVisitEricCourault2_small.jpgBowling's global push to someday attain the Olympic spotlight has found an ally in French national bowling team head coach Eric Courault.In a whirlwind travel schedule that demonstrated Courault's tireless commitment to strengthening the Tenpin Bowling Association of France, Courault recently visited the International Training and Research Center in Arlington, Texas. If it seems to those who have worked with Courault that the man never rests, there is a reason for that.

USBC Coaching


Call for Bowling Coaches Hall of Fame nominations

USBCCoachingLogo.jpgThe Bowling Coaches Hall of Fame task force announces nominations are being accepted for any bowling coaches who are considered viable candidates for induction in the Bowling Coaches Hall of Fame Class of 2010. Nominations forms are available at;, and (under Coaching). Nominees or representatives for that nominee may complete and return the Bowling Coaches Hall of Fame application to the STE Skills Center in Arlington, Texas by the April 16th deadline.

Campus Spotlight


Paeng Nepomuceno visits new International Bowling Campus

First coaching certification course at IBC to be held this weekend

20100219ITRCPaengNepomuceno3_small.jpgOne of the sport's most regarded international competitors and coaches, Paeng Nepomuceno (pictured), got a first-hand look at the International Bowling Campus on Thursday. Nepomuceno, a six-time world champion from the Philippines, has worked with the United States Bowling Congress Coaching program over the past three years to certify more than 300 coaches around the world. As part of his continuing education, he paid a visit to the new facilities in Arlington, Texas.



ETBF to conduct first International Level One Clinic at Kuortane Bowling Training Center

2009ETBFLogo_small.jpgEuropean Tenpin Bowling Federation presidium member and chairman of the ETBF Education Committee, Onder Gurkan from Turkey, has announced that the ETBF will conduct its first International Coaching Clinic for Level One Coaches May 7-12, 2010. According to Gurkan the ETBF coaching programs are updated with the latest information of modern bowling sport and they are supported by ETBF partners Kuortane Bowling Training Center, USBC, Kegel Training Center and Ebonite.

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