Men's European Championships end today with the Masters competition


    2009 MEC

    Lovvang Bowling Center in Aalborg, Denmark (June 4-14, 2009)

    2009MECLogo_small.jpg 2009MECMastersTop2.jpgIn a title match between the No. 1 and No. 2 seeds, Dominic Barrett (right) from England defeated All Events champion Petter Hansen (left), Norway, two-games-to-one to end the 2009 Men's European Championships with victory in the Masters competition.

    Barrett, a two-time World Youth champion, lost the first game in best-of-three format, 174-153 but rebounded with two straight wins, 204-187 and 269-185, to wrap up the title. Hansen earned silver and Finns Petteri Salonen and Joonas Jähi shared the bronze.

    The top 24 players from All Events (combined results of Doubles, Trios and Team) determined the champion in single-elimination best-of-three games match play. The top 8 players earned one bye.

    England and Sweden had five players each in the race, while Denmark, Finland, Germany and Norway were represented by three players while Iceland and Israel had one player each.

    5 out of 31 countries shared the 19 medals (two bronze medals were given in Doubles, Trios, Team and Masters, only one in All Events). Finland led the medal tally of the 2009 MEC with two gold and three bronze medals. Sweden and Norway had 1 gold, two silver and one bronze each. England won a medal in each discipline, one gold, one silver and three bronze. Finally Germany brings back home one bronze medal.



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    2009 Men's European Championships Masters Finals

    Single-Elimination, best-of-three games match play

    Masters Championship

    Winner earns the gold medal, loser receives silver.



    Masters Semifinal

    Winners advance to the title match, losers share the bronze medal.



    Masters Quarterfinal




    Masters Round Two




    Masters Round One