Michael Schmidt captures his second QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup title


    2010 BWC

    Defeats No. 1 seed Matt Miller in the men's title match, 2-1, after being down 0-1



    2010BWCMichaelSchmidt4.jpg2010BWCBiboyRivera4.jpgIn the first game of the opening match between 2005 BWC champion Michael Schmidt (pictured left), Canada, and 2006 Men's World Championships Masters champion Biboy Rivera (right), Philippines, both players were going for a potential 247 tie.

    Schmidt had 157 in the seventh frame and Rivera had 127 in his sixth frame and was working on double when he left a 3-6 in the ninth to give Schmidt a little advantage. He spared and had to strike out in the 10th to force Schmidt to mark in the tenth.

    Rivera got the first strike but left the 3-6-10 combination on his second shot which opened the door for the Canadian. Schmidt went off the sheet to take a 1-0 lead, 247-215.

    Rivera, who needed to win the second game to force a decider, had a disastrous start opening in three of the first four frames. Schmidt was perfect through the first seven frames before a 4-6-7 split denied his bid for the first 300 game of this year's World Cup.

    2010BWCMichaelSchmidt5.jpg2010BWCCountryAwardFionaBanksMattMiller.jpgSchmidt (left) failed to convert the split but though Rivera threw four strikes in frames 5-8, game and match were over when Rivera left a 2-pin standing on his first ball in the ninth frame.

    Schmidt, who has never finished lower than fifth in his previous four World Cups, threw two more strikes and a spare to advance to his second consecutive World Cup title match and the third of his career winning the second game 252-202 for a 2-0 victory.

    In the title match, Schmidt faced No. 1 seed Matt Miller, England, who had already won the Bent Petersen Country Award for the best country in the 46th QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup (pictured right with team mate Fiona Banks).

    2010BWCMattMiller6.jpgMiller (left) used three consecutive strikes in frames 4-6 including a Brooklyn strike in the sixth to take the lead as Schmidt got five consecutive 9-counts in frames 5-9. Schmidt bowled a clean game but spares weren't enough to win the first game. Miller also stayed clean and closed out the game with four strikes including another Brooklyn for a 246-205.

    Schmidt's ball change in the 10th frame paid off as the Canadian started game two with three strikes to take an early lead as Miller came out of the gates with two nine-spares and a strike. He added another 9-spare and a strike which was enough to overtake the lead as Schmidt left two consecutive big splits (2-8-10 and pocket 7-10) which both resulted in open frames.

    2010BWCMichaelSchmidt6.jpg2010BWCMattMiller5.jpgBoth players alternated nine-spares and strikes in frames six and seven. The momentum changed when Schmidt got a strike in the eighth for a double and Miller left an 8-10 split for an open frame.

    Miller (left) struck in the ninth frame, his fourth consecutive strike on the left lane but Schmidt countered with his third strike in a row. Finishing first Schmidt left a 10-pin standing on his first shot. He needed a spare and five on the fill ball. Schmidt knocked down the 10-pin and put the game away with a 9-count (10-pin again) to force a deciding third game, 212-207.

    Schmidt (right) started the very last game of the 46th QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup with three strikes in a row while Matt Miller had a double and eight-spare. Déjà-vu for Schmidt in the fourth frame when he left another 7-10 split. After the open frame Schmidt got a solid 4-pin in the fifth frame.

    2010BWCChampionMichaelSchmidt2.jpgMiller took the lead with another double in frames four and final then went through the nose and left the 3-6-9-10 combination. Miller failed to convert as he left the 9-pin standing.

    Schmidt took full advantage and regained the lead with a strike in the sixth and widened the lead to 14 with another strike on the seventh. Miller suffered another open frame when he left the 3-6-7-10 split but got on track back with a strike in the eighth frame.

    Schmidt, looking for his second World Cup title after his victory in Ljubljana, Slovenia in 2005, extended his lead to 36 pins thanks to a high flush strike. He took his time for his biggest shot in the tournament. A strike would shut out Miller but Schmidt left a light 7-pin. He got the spare but Miller was still alive.

    2010BWCSandyLowe.jpg But just for seconds. When Miller failed to strike on his first shot in the 9th frame the match was over. Schmidt, coached as in 2005 by Sandy Lowe (pictured left), in her last official tournament as Team Canada head coach, sealed his second victory in the Bowling World Cup with a strike in the 10th frame for 224-188 and two-games-to-one.


    Matt Miller took the silver medal and Biboy Rivera got the bronze.

    With Aumi Guerra, Dominican Republic, winning the women's title the Pan American Bowling Confederation (PABCON) swept the World Cup titles. The photo on the right shows the 2010 World Cup champions celebrating the victory. Click on the image to enlarge it.

    To view the complete list of participating countries and players click here .

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    46th QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup - Men's Stepladder Finals

    2010BWCMenTop3XXL.jpgBowling de Provence in Toulon, France (Oct. 24, 2010)

    Championship Round:
    1. Michael Schmidt, Canada 1130 (5 games)
    2. Matt Miller, England, 641 (3 games)
    3. Biboy Rivera, Philippines, 417 (2 games)

    Playoff Results (best-of-three games):
    Semifinal: #2 Schmidt def. #3 Rivera, 2-0 (247-215, 252-202)
    Championship: Schmidt def. #1 Miller, 2-1 (205-246, 212-207, 224-188).

    L-R Rivera (3rd), champion Schmidt and Miller (2nd).


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