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Austrian Event Award 2008


Austrian Event Award 2008 World Sports Festival wins the "Oscar" in Public Events Sport category

2008WSFPoster_small.jpg 2008WSFPublicEventsSportsGold_small.jpg PDM Sports, organizer of the annual World Sports Festival in Austria, received one of the top honors in the 12th Austrian Event Award 2008 conducted in Salzburg, Austria. 106 projects were targeting for the golden award in 10 different categories. The jury awarded the "Events Oscar" to PDM Sports and the World Sports Festival in the category "Public Events Sport". The 2009 World Sports Festival will run from July 9-12 with the tenpin bowling events being contested once again at Brunswick Bowling Hernals in Vienna, Austria.



Pace Bonello confirmed as head of Commonwealth body

Republished courtesy of Times of Malta - Valletta, Malta (Dec. 17, 2008)

20081217JulianPaceBonello_small.jpg At the fourth Commonwealth Tenpin Bowling Federation's (CTBF) Congress held in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Julian Pace Bonello, president of the Malta Tenpin Bowling Association, was confirmed as head of the CTBF for another four-year term. The congress was attended by all Commonwealth nations that were present in Northern Ireland for the IV Commonwealth Tenpin Bowling Championships, namely Australia, Bahamas, Canada, England, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Jersey, India, Malaysia, Malta, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Singapore and Wales.



WTBA announces dates and venues for the 2010, 2011 World Championships

WTBALogo_small.jpg The World Tenpin Bowling Association has announced the dates and venues for the 2010 Men's World Championships and the 2011 Women's World Championships. The best male bowlers in the world will meet from August 11 through 22, 2010, at DreamBowl Palace in Munich, Germany. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, will host the third Women's Worlds from August 31 through September 11, 2011. In conjunction with the WWC 2011 the FIQ and WTBA Congresses will be held.

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Game on! Bowling should be an Olympic sport By Paul Lukas

Republished courtesy of ESPN - United States (Aug. 15, 2008)

Throughout the Olympics, Page 2 writers (on will argue the merits of including various sports in the Games. To qualify as an Olympic sport, an activity must be "widely practiced by men in at least 75 countries and on four continents, and by women in at least 40 countries and on three continents," according to Olympics officials. In other words, participation matters. So you'd think the sport with the second-highest rate of participation in the world would be a shoo-in for Olympic medal recognition, right? Nope. Bowling, which is practiced by over 100 million people in over 100 countries, has never gained official Olympic sanction. That needs to change…

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Olympic bowling could be one heck of a turkey By Ryan White

Republished courtesy of The Oregonian - Portland, OR, USA (Aug. 13, 2008)

KevinDornberger_small.jpg The guy to talk to, I was told, is "the kingpin of bowling."
The guy's in charge of "everything in the United States and everything in the world." Everything in the bowling world, but do you oversee anything enjoyed in 109 countries? Me neither.
He called five minutes later. How great is that? Try to get David Stern on the phone in five minutes. I dare you. Better yet, the guy was happy to talk about why no one's bowling in Beijing -- at least for medals.

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Venezuelan Bowling Federation denies Amleto Monacelli's bid to bowl for his country in 2008 World Championships

2007PITAmletoMonacelli_small.jpg Bowlingdigital was informed that two-time PBA player of the year Amleto Monacelli (pictured left), an 18-time PBA champion and the first non U.S. player, who was elected into the PBA Hall of Fame (1997), is not welcome in his country's national team. Monacelli's offer to qualify for the national team for the 2008 Men's World Championships in Thailand was declined. Despite Monacelli's support from the entire men's national team the officials of the Venezuelan Bowling Federation denied Monacelli's bid as "he has not participated in four national tournaments as requested by the VBF".

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Asbaty and Belmonte named World Bowling Writers Bowler of the Year

By Lucas Wiseman

2007ABFToCJasonBelmonte_small.jpg 2007WRMDiandraAsbaty_small.jpg After a year when she won titles in four countries, Team USA's Diandra Asbaty (l.) has been named the 2007 World Bowling Writers Female Bowler of the Year. High Roller champion Jason Belmonte (r.) of Australia was selected as the Bowler of the Year among men. Former Denny's PBA Tour exempt player Tore Torgersen of Norway and 3-time world champion Zara Glover of England were both selected to join the WBW Hall of Fame.

2007 Year in Review


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FIQ News


ETBF President appointed as FIQ Secretary-General

FIQPresidentJessiePhua_small.jpg Addie_Ophelders2_1950.jpg Jessie Phua (left), Singapore, who was elected President of the Federation Internationale des Quilleurs several months ago, has announced that she has appointed European Tenpin Bowling Federation president Adolf Ophelders (right), Netherlands, as the new Secretary General of the FIQ. As far as we know this marks the first time that a President of one of the WTBA zones becomes the chief administrative officer of the FIQ President.



Once again the outgoing WTBA President appeals the results of the election made by the WTBA Congress

Heikki_Sarso_1937.jpg For the second consecutive time, an immediate past president of the World Tenpin Bowling Association has contested the results of an election. Finland's Heikki Sarso (pictured left) submitted an appeal to the WTBA Presidium at this week's meeting in St. Petersburg, Russia, asking the WTBA to investigate whether current president Kevin Dornberger violated WTBA statutes in seeking the endorsement of Brunswick. The appeal was quickly denied by the Presidium.



Jessie Phua elected as FIQ President

KevinDornbergerJessiePhua_small.jpg Jessie Phua of Singapore was elected president of the Federation Internationale des Quilleurs on Thursday at the FIQ Congress in Monterrey, Mexico. Phua, who is the president of the Singapore Bowling Federation, defeated incumbent FIQ president Steve Hontiveros of the Philippines, 97-74, to become the first female FIQ president in the history of this organization for the next four years. The picture shows Phua with newly elected WTBA president Kevin Dornberger, United States.



Dornberger elected WTBA President; Congress votes to allow pros

Popov (AUS) and Pujol (FRA) elected 1st and 2nd Vice President

2007WTBAPresidents_small.jpg Kevin Dornberger (center) of the United States was elected president of the World Tenpin Bowling Association on Wednesday, while the WTBA also voted to allow professionals to compete in international events, a move that bolsters the sport's bid for inclusion into the Olympic Games. Dornberger, who is the chief operating officer of the United States Bowling Congress, defeated incumbent WTBA president Heikki Sarso of Finland, 53-34, in a vote by the WTBA Congress as the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Monterrey, Mexico.



Interview with WTBA Presidential candidate Kevin Dornberger

KevinDornberger_small.jpg Bowlingdigital caught up with Kevin Dornberger (pictured), who is the current Chief Officer-National Governing Body and interim Chief Operating Officer of the United States Bowling Congress (USBC), to talk about his candidacy for World Tenpin Bowling Association President. The election will be conducted August 29 during the WTBA Congress which will be held in conjunction with the Women's World Championships in Monterrey, Mexico.



Proposal to allow professionals on agenda again at WTBA Congress

Republished courtesy of Kevin Hazaert, USBC Communications (June 14, 2007)

WTBALogo.jpg Delegates at the World Tenpin Bowling Association Congress in August will once again be faced with a proposal to allow professional athletes to compete in WTBA tournaments, a measure that is critical to the sport's quest to join the Olympics. The International Olympic Committee recently published updated criteria in order to be considered for the Olympic program. The biggest obstacle for bowling remains the exclusion of professionals from international competition.

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WRMs 2008, 2009 to be held in Indonesia and Italy

WTBALogo.jpg At its recent meeting in Amsterdam, Netherlands, the World Tenpin Bowling Association (WTBA) Presidium has decided the dates and venues for the 2008 and 2009 World Ranking Masters. The 2008 WRM will be held at Senayan Bowling Sportainment Center, a 30-laner in Jakarta, Indonesia from April 30 through May 6, 2008. The 2009 WRM is schedules for April 27 through May 3, 2009 at Oltremare Bowling Arena, a 20-laner in Naples, Italy.



USBC'S Dornberger to run for WTBA President

KevinDornberger_small.jpg The United States Bowling Congress has announced it has submitted Kevin Dornberger as a candidate for the position of president of the World Tenpin Bowling Association. "I am honored that USBC has decided to submit my name for contention to become the WTBA's next president," Dornberger said. "My vision is to make bowling a true Olympic sport candidate and to also find common ground amongst all the zones to solve our common problems."

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USBC and Kegel to host 2007 World Ranking Masters

WTBALogo.jpg The World Tenpin Bowling Association has decided that the 2007 World Ranking Masters will be held in Lake Wales, Florida. The United States Bowling Congress and Kegel will host the event at the Kegel Training Center from May 2 (last day of arrival) through May 8 (departure day). Bowlingdigital will cover the event live from Lake Wales

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2007 World Ranking Masters in Qatar cancelled

WTBALogo.jpg The Qatar Bowling Federation (QBF) has canceled the 2007 World Ranking Masters, to be held in Doha, Qatar, from April 30 through May 6, because the renovation of the Qatar Bowling Center will not be ready in time. Christer Jonsson, Secretary General of the World Tenpin Bowling Association (WTBA) has informed all bowlers qualified for the event that the WTBA is trying to find an other host and to keep the tournament dates. The deadline will be Feb. 28.

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Comment deadline for FIQ Reorganization Committee proposals ends February 1

WTBALogo.jpg FIQ Logo.jpg The main task of the FIQ Reorganization Committee is to prepare the re-organization or merger of the FIQ (Federation Internationale des Quilleurs), WTBA (World Tenpin Bowling Association) and WNBA (World Ninepin Bowling Association).

WBW News


Anne-Marie Board awarded Distinguished Service Award by World Bowling Writers

AnneMarieBoard.jpg QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup Manager Anne-Marie Board (pictured), England, has received the World Bowling Writers' 2006 Mort Luby Jr. Distinguished Service Award. The presentation was made at the 2006 QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup in Caracas, Venezuela. The award was presented by WBW President Hazel McLeary, Canada.

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